It’s Always a Floral and Patterned Kind of Day…


Artist/maker: Katherine Marmaras

Medium: reclaimed remnant fabrics and wallpapers, crochet cotton, relief and intaglio prints, dried agapanthus stems, ink and wire
Dimensions: 32 H x 40 W x 32cm D (variable)

Artwork statement:
Reflecting upon a time when the world slowed down by stitching together disparate pieces of fabric and collected items that evoke the meandering feeling of walking around our suburban blocks during Covid lockdowns. Of admiring other people’s gardens, coming upon unexpected vistas and noticing the minutiae.The stitching is a meditation of the time whilst the agapanthus stems act as anchors they also play on the fragility of life.‘It’s always a floral and patterned kind of day’ reminds us that life can still be beautiful despite its many challenges.


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