Leafing through the days by Mary-Ellen Belleville


Medium: Mixed media: photographs, fabric, timber, wire, leaves, plastic

Dimensions: 20 x 29.5 x 21.5cm

Home for me for a large part of 2020 was a motorhome. A mobile capsule that allowed for a constantly changing landscape in outback areas. On daily walks I found myself constantly being awed by the pattern and variety of leaves. Their myriad patterns, shapes, colours and textures hinted at new growth: leaves bursting with hope from blackened trunks over huge tracts of land. Others combined to create a green garland spiralling up the tall, black timbers, or made themselves into verdant fuzzy loose fitting garments over the skeletal limbs of trees.

Parched, scorched landscapes with a leaf litter of crinkled, decaying leaves that still boldly clung to the patterns of their halcyon days. Small glimpses of youth remained at their core.

Leaves backlit like lanterns in the sunlight.

Leaves literally in lockdown – behind protective wire cages.

There were lessons, analogies, and signs of better days everywhere I looked.




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