Sharon’s eye-catching creations make a statement…

We recently caught up with local Geelong maker, Sharon Cotter… here’s  a bit of what she shared with us…

Please tell us a little about yourself, your processes and practice…

I am a self taught maker who creates things using different materials and
I upcycle when I can.  I make a range of bowls, clocks, vases and jewellery
out of pencils, timber, botanical seeds and pods, and resin.

Please tell us a little about your works, how they evolve, what inspires you to create them

I started making jewellery gluing pencils together and hand shaping
them and from there I have evolved to making bowls, bangles, clocks, pots and vases.
In recent years I have started woodturning and I am always trying different
techniques to perfect my creations.

Can you please share with us what sort of studio or workspace you currently create in?

I do all my prep work, designing, cutting pencils, gluing and resining in my craft room inside and then go to the workshop outside for the woodturning and sanding.

Please tell us what or who inspires and drives your creative practice.

My grandmother was an artist and I always admired her paintings and her outlook on life.  She always encouraged me to try, “have a go” at things that interested me because I’d never know where it would take me if I didn’t.  My husband and children continue to drive my creative practices and often ask for things to be made from an idea they have.

Do you have a favourite quote? Is there a special piece of advice which you cherish, work by and would like to share?

Not so much a quote but I have always encouraged my children and lived by, that
“when you do something, put all you have into it and you will never be disappointed with your efforts because you’ve done the best of your abilities and that’s all anyone including yourself can ask for”.