a splendiferous view exhibition works

Here you can view each of the art pieces featured in our  ‘A Splendiferous View’ exhibition. 

Painting - image of artwork - Monoliths and Echoes
Image of artwork - River Scene, Blue
Ceramic art piece - Connectiveness of Planes
Painting - image of artwork - Just around the bend
Ceramic Art - Wave
Ceramic Art - Outback View
Painting - In the Distance
Ceramic art piece - Coastal Flat
Painting - Storm on the Horizon
Painting - Caravans on the Hill
Ceramic Art - Fishes in the Pot 1
Ceramic art - Fishes in the Pot 2
Image of artwork - Room with A View
Image of diptych artwork titled: Telephone
Painting - Quiet Existence
Painting - Calming Moment
Painting - image of golden horizon
Painting - image of artwork - How Does Your Garden Grow
Ceramic Sculpture - Triumph over Adversity
Image of one part of diptych titled: Telephone
Artwork image titled - River Scene, Red
Painting - image of Red Earth
Painting - image of artwork - Sunday Romance
Ceramic Art - Fishes in the Pot 3